Men, Beware of Abnormalities in the Scrotum and Testicles

Abnormalities in the scrotum and testicles are usually characterized by the appearance of swelling around the area. This swelling can be accompanied by pain or not, and is usually caused by inflammation, fluid buildup, and abnormal growth in the scrotum. Swelling in the scrotum can occur only in one scrotum, or both. Quite often when the scrotum is swollen, the testicles also swell. Swelling of the scrotum and testicles is a health problem that needs to be examined by a doctor. Various disorders of the scrotum and testicles Scrotum itself is one part of the male reproductive organs. The shape is a leather pouch that hangs at the bottom of the penis and acts as a wrapper for the testes. There are several abnormalities that might occur in the scrotum and testicles that you should be aware of, namely: Hydrocele Hydrocele is a condition when the scrotum sac is filled with fluid that surrounds the testes. Usually hydrocele does not harm the testicles. In addition, this conditio
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